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Meals and Nutrition

Image by Maarten van den Heuvel
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Lilliput Corner’s menu is nutritionally balanced to meet NSW Health’s Munch and Move Program.

All of our meals are prepared fresh daily , onsite by our educators that are trained in food handling , food safety and menu planning.

We provide breakfast ( before 8am) , morning tea , lunch , afternoon tea and late afternoon tea.

Our menu is seasonally adjusted for the summer and winter months and is on a two week rotation to provide a variety of foods.  Our menu is complaint with the nutritional checklists set by NSW Health and the NSW Government and developed by our Clinical Nutritionist  , Holly Arnold who works closely with the service and its families. 

We also happily cater for children with allergies , religious or special dietary requirements.

The menus are in the front hallway for families to view.

For more information on our clinical nutritionist , Holly Arnold please visit

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