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Diverse Learning Environments


0-2 Nursery

The nursery program is centred on caring for our babies in a nurturing and caring environment.

We assist our younger children to make positive connections with their immediate environment and with adults and children around them.

Within this program babies and toddlers will be guided to develop their social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills at their own pace.

Through play , social interaction and guided learning experiences such as music , artistic activities , storytelling and physical play, babies and toddlers grow in confidence and independence.


We create opportunities for our curious toddlers to learn through personal and interactive exploration of the learning environments. Our games and toys are designed to stimulate the early stages of reading , writing and problem solving. Our staff’s thoughtful interaction provides a balance between independent play and needing to be close to a trusted adult.

We use both learn through play activities as well as intentional teaching strategies to educate and care for your child. 

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School Readiness

Our school readiness program has been developed using the fundamental elements of the National Early Years Learning Framework. We have also taken the content from NESA  (NSW Education Standards Authority)  for Kindergarten students  and applied this to transition the children from early childhood environments to primary school environments. The school readiness program is designed to assist children in being prepared for school while remaining fun, interactive and educational for all children.

Outdoor Environment

Our outdoor environment is a large discovery area where children are free to roam and explore.  The children are able to extend on their relationships whilst roaming the outdoors. We have an abundance of natural shade supplied by beautiful trees in the outdoor environment that allow the children to feel relaxed while playing and discovering their sense of self. 

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